I Told You So

I know, I know. It's rude to say, "I told you so." It's petty. It's lame. But sometimes, you just have to say it.

Take yesterday, for an example. My 7-year-old grandson, Dylan had a baseball game, and it was beyond a hot one outside. It seemed way too hot for a game, IMO, but initially I just thought I was being the usual over-protective grammy. But then I was checking my Weather Channel app on my iPhone and saw that the Weather Service had issued a severe heat index warning. [iPhones rock, btw. Just sayin.] They stressed that no outdoor activity should be undertaken, unless it was necessary.

So, naturally, being the over-protective grammy that I truly am, I texted my daughter (because I'm all about the texting now that I have an iPhone) and told her that, in my humble opinion, and based on the severe heat index warning, I didn't feel Dylan should go to the game. I didn't think any of those kids should be playing in that kind of weather at all. It really just seemed like common sense to me, but what do I know?

And so, naturally, being the willful, I-can-take-care-of-my-own-son fruit of my womb gal that she is, my daughter decided that neither I nor the Weather Service knew what we were talking about. So while she was on her way home from school, her boyfriend took Dylan to said game, in his head-to-toe polyester, heat-sucking uniform.

My Grandson Dylan

Fast forward a few hours later when my daughter pops over to pick up a FAX she was expecting, and she casually tells me..."by the way, Dylan got heat exhaustion at the game and we had to take him to the ER. But he's totally fine now."


So I am sorry, but I could absolutely not resist serving up a Tinalicious-sized serving of  I TOLD YOU SO! What did I say just the other day about Mom's always being right?! And, um, hello? I am a mom too! Sometimes I actually know stuff!

But she just looked at me in that "Oh, Mother, puhlease" kind of way that she does sometimes as I finished my little rant. Clearly, this was not a Hallmark moment by any stretch of the imagination. But hopefully it will serve as a painful reminder to her that, yes, mom is at least sometimes always right.