Things That Make No Sense Today

Do you ever just have one of those days where a bunch of things you see, read, do, and/or hear just don't make much sense? Today is one of those days for me. So, unlucky you, you get to read all about the random Things I Don't Understand today. Brace yourselves. I feel a little case of TMI coming on.

First, I'm eating ice cream. This is not exactly a revelation. But I don't eat ice cream very often, because it tends to give me something that rhymes with the fits. I'm kind of lactose intolerant and/or suffering from IBS and/or suffering from Colitis, which actually is a form of IBS, I think [but I'm not a doctor, so let's not get picky on this point].

Got Diarrhea Meme

But regardless, I try to avoid dairy products as much as possible--but sometimes, what can I say, an ice cream just sounds good. So, even though I've had something that rhymes with the fits all day long, I'm sitting here throwing all caution to the wind and eating ice cream, regardless of the potential consequences. Makes no sense.

Also,  I was watching TV earlier while cooking dinner--and yes, I have a TV in the kitchen, which I bought "for the Hubs," but which also happens to benefit moi (I'm not stupid, after all). And The Barefoot Contessa was on.

No, not this one...
The Barefoot Contess Movie Poster

This one...

Food Network Barefoot Contessa

She's one of my favorites on the Food Network. Ina is a great cook, has a fabulous home, and some really hot male friends to boot.  I'll let you decide which of those things interests me the most. But anyhoots, I tuned in just as she said the following (or something to the effect thereof):

"Somehow I got left responsible for making breakfast. Not sure how that happened."

Um, hmmm, let me think on this for just a second, Ina. Could it be, yeah, because you're the Barefoot Contessa maybe?!

Seriously, what kind of question is that for a chef to ask? Makes no sense. And I really don't understand.

And then there was something that my sweet niece posted on Facebook today.

"If you believe in God, re-post this! Please don't ignore, you are being tested, for it says in the Bible: Deny me in front of everyone, and I will deny you in front of my Father...97% of you won't post...will you? I did."

Love my niece but I'm sorry, that made me literally laugh out loud. My simple reply to that was this:

Somehow, I think God is too busy to read Facebook.

God on Facebook LOL

Honestly, I cannot stand things posted on Facebook or on Tumblr (I have 2 Tumblr blogs, BTW) or Twitter or anywhere else, where the post is asking--or demanding, as the case may be--that you re-post something, and if you don't then you're some sort of bad person or something bad will happen or whatever it is. It's ludicrous. And annoying!

Sorry, but I don't believe God reads Facebook. But even if he does, I don't think he's using Mark Zuckerberg's billion dollar baby as his means of testing people's faith. Somehow, I think he has better ways of doing that, and far better things to do with his time. One can only hope. Could I be wrong? Sure. But it still makes no sense.