Deep Thoughts Thursday with Damon

I am all about trying new things, even here on the blog. So as I was wasting time Googling some almost fabulous gifs the other night, I came across some that inspired a brand spanking new category: Deep Thoughts Thursday. It will just be a way to share some not-quite deep thoughts and musings using photos and gifs I spy on the Web. You know, just for sh*ts and giggles.

Are you feeling it? Ready for the first one? Are you sure now?

Well, OK then.

Damon Life Sucks Deep Thoughts

You kinda had to guess I'd feature Ian Somerhalder (as Damon Salvatore) from The Vampire Diaries to kick off this thrilling new Thursday feature, didn'tcha? And really he's right, life does suck--I mean, sometimes. So here's to hitting the nail on the head, vampire style. But just in case that one wasn't enough for ya, here is one more to help you kick start your weekend.

Damon Eternal Stud Deep Thoughts

And I like it too, Damon. In case it wasn't obvious.

So you see, the thoughts here are not necessarily all that deep. But it's too late in the week for deep thoughts anyway. Who really wants to partake in deep-thinking on a Thursday evening? I'm more about the funny than the deep, aren't you?

Anyhoo, enjoy my little dose of Deep Thoughts with Damon. And enjoy your weekend while you're at it.