Deep Thoughts with Sawyer

Time for another dip into Deep Thoughts Thursday, folks. I've always been a LOST fan--because you know, it's like one of the best shows. Ever. So this week's deep thoughts are all about Sawyer. After all, that red-neck-man was full of deep thoughts. OK, maybe not so much 'deep' as just totally Sawyer. I mean, who doesn't like Sawyerisms?

Anyhoots. Get ready for some thoughts. Deep ones. Sawyer style.

Deep Thoughts Thursday Fish Biscuits

I think any LOST fan will tell ya, they weren't thinking about Fish Biscuits or Strawberries for too long after that. Nothing like a little romp in a jail cell to keep things, um, interesting.

Sawyer LOST Leaf Reaction Gif

Yeah, here they were a little bit lost. On LOST. And leave it to Sawyer to have the perfect one-liner to lighten the moment with ever-so-serious Locke. Sawyer was all about the snappy one-liners. That, and golden opportunities to remove his shirt. But I digress.

Sawyer Shot a Bear Reaction Gif

And it wasn't just any bear in the jungle. No, no. It was a Polar Bear. Ah, Season 1 of LOST. The memories. The good times. The head-scratching-what-just-happened-I'm-so-confused-moments of epic TV in the making. I miss it so.

And just in case you're missing some of those Shirtless Sawyer moments I mentioned previously, here's something for old time's sake.

Shirtless Sawyer LOST
Now that's enough Deep Thoughts for one day. Get LOST.