Dance Party

I don't know why, but when I see animated gifs of celebs, movie and TV characters and what not dancing, it gives me a little chuckle. Not a big one, mind you. But a chuckle, nonetheless. So on the off chance that you're as abnormally amused by dancing celebrities as I am, I decided to create a new category here at Tinalicious. When the mood strikes me, I shall post gifs of people, you know, dancing.

Behold. My Tinalicious Dance Party! 
(If you need some background music, just press play on the SoundCloud player.
Song is Nothing Compares, by Brooke Duff.)

Everybody Dance Now Dance Party

Join us, won't you?

Brad Pitt Dance Party

You know, get down.

Tom Hiddleston Dance Party

Get funky now.

Beyonce Dance Party

There now, don't you feel the groove movin through ya? Don't you just wanna get up and dance? I see your foot tapping. Don't pretend it's not. Besides, sometimes you just gotta cut loose.

Anyhoots, if you love a good dancing gif like I do, you may enjoy this new blog feature. If not, well, that's more dancing left for us. :)