Things I Don't Understand-the Saga Continues

I had originally planned to come on here and rant a bit about something. But then that turned into a couple of somethings. And then I just decided that perhaps my rantics would be better suited to a Things I Don't Understand post. And since I haven't posted in awhile (which has nothing at all to do with laziness, I assure you), I bet you are simply chomping at the bit to read all about my daily confusion, aren't you?

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So I don't want to keep you waiting any longer. Off we go with list of many things I do not understand...

Why the pump thingamajig (it's a word, I know it's a word, you can't tell me that it's not a word) in my bath products is never long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle. In the name of all that is good and Holy, why oh freaking why isn't the pump thingamajig long enough to reach the bottom? Do they really want us to have to remove the pump thingamajig every single time we need to get shampoo or conditioner out of the bottom of the bottle and shake it out?! Or maybe they just have not yet heard of quality control. Or maybe, just maybe, they really want us to just get so pissed while we're in the shower that we throw the bottle away and buy a new one? Yeah, that sounds about right. For the same reasons they want us to Lather, Rinse, and Repeat: TO MAKE MONEY. Capitalism, at its finest.

Twist ties on bread bags. What genius decided that it is a good idea to close a bag of bread or buns with a wired tie that you have to repeatedly twist, or untwist as the case may be, to get it open or closed. It's. Not. Fun. Like, at all. And you don't even know what fun is until you go to defrost a bag of buns in the microwave, conveniently forgetting that there is a metal twist tie on said bag of buns. And need I say it? It does not play nicely whilst in the microwave.

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And speaking of microwaves, I do not understand why sometimes...

Morning People. Seriously. Just stop.

Morning People Meme

Why the post office lies. At least sometimes. I found a "Final Notice" in my mailbox the other day, for a registered mail small package. That wouldn't be so surprising if I'd actually ever gotten ANY prior notices before the "Final" one. And I watched the mailman put the notice in my box and then walk away--while I was home. Did he knock at the door? No. So I called the post office and asked how this could be--how could I be getting a "Final Notice" on something when I'd NEVER gotten any prior notices?! Their reply? "You should have gotten two prior notices." And yet, I didn't. Even though I was home every day prior to that, following the notice I'd seen online a week earlier showing that my package was "out for delivery." Hmmm. 

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And if I hadn't called the P.O. at 4:45pm--only moments after I'd witnessed the mailman putting the "Final Notice" in my box and walking away without knocking--my package would have been returned to its sender the very next day. Yet the post office continued to repeat that I "should have" gotten two prior notices. Yeah well, I DIDN'T! Nor did I receive any knocks on the door when those two prior notices were supposedly delivered to request my signature. 

Advanced Quantum Mechanics. Just sayin.

Why anyone would have the desire to become a proctologist. Does it pay the most or something?

And finally, why some people are obsessed with Damon Salvatore/Ian Somerhalder.

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I mean, some people are really obsessed with this gorgeous man and his hotness and acting abilities. No one I know, course. But there are people. You know. Just people. Typing this. Out there.

Yeah, so, the confusion continues. Carry on.