MJ Memes 3-21

I really need my Michael Jackson memes this Monday. When I need a little giggle to get me going, these always do it for me. So I just picked a few random ones I've found on the Web and have saved. Hope you'll enjoy them as you start your week, and hope you get a little giggle too.

This first one is Pepsi related. Pepsi was a long time sponsor and supporter of Michael Jackson. But fans like to joke that MJ didn't even like Pepsi. Not sure if there's any truth to it, but if there is, that makes this meme even more funny.

MJ Pepsi Meme

Lots of fans find it just a wee bit humorous that Michael's brother, Jermaine named one of his sons Jermajesty. One has to stop and wonder if MJ did too.

MJ Jermagesty Meme

And for this one, it doesn't need much explanation. If Michael's fans got all worked up about standing next to their idol, the King of Pop, why wouldn't a member of the animal kingdom?!

MJ Panther Meme

This last one I love. MJ was very close to his little sister, Janet. And based on what's been said about the relationship, I could totally see this happening.

Michael Jackson Janet Pooted Meme

Have a good Monday!