TMZ Knows a Horse's Ass When it Sees One

I guess this going to count as a bonus WTF Wednesday post, gang. I saw a headline on my Google home page regarding Elizabeth Taylor's funeral and it truly made me say WTF?! So I felt compelled to share the image and story with you from TMZ.

Evil 'Church' to Protest Elizabeth Taylor's Funeral
Those horrible, intolerant, heartless gay-haters at the Westboro Baptist Church are preparing to spread their evil message at Elizabeth Taylor's funeral ... a higher power tells TMZ.

TMZ Horse Butt

Margie Phelps -- daughter of WBC Pastor Fred Phelps -- took to Twitter today to announce the church is going to picket non-lesbian Liz's funeral ... all because Liz was apparently some sort of gay "enabler" and (God forbid) an AIDS activist.

Liz will likely be buried in Los Angeles -- where there are positively no gay people.

Way to go there, WBC.  I just have to echo what one of the TMZ comments noted: Nothing says "I'm a Christian" like picketing a funeral. I think that TMZ photo pretty much sums up my thoughts on the potential picketers. Horse's Ass, anyone?

Maybe after they get done picketing the funeral, they can stop by the nearest Humane Society and kick a few puppies.