The Saturday Scream

Once upon a time, my Saturday started off like any normal day.
I was calm. Rested.

MJ Scream Meditate

Things were good in the land of Tinalicious. The Hubs and Me, we were, you know, carefree and happy to be heading to Fort Wayne for dinner and a little shopping.

Michael Jackson Janet Smile

So we mozy'd on out to the car.

Michael Jackson Scream Strut

But then I decided I'd like to grab a Michael Jackson CD from my studio outside. After all, road trips are always better with some MJ tunes playing.

Michael Jackson Scream Headphones

So I went into my studio, and headed for my stereo and CD's. But WTH?!
My stereo was GONE!

Michael Jackson Scream Racket

I don't think I have to tell you what I did next...

Michael Jackson Scream

Needless to say, I was so ticked. I was having bad thoughts about the
low-life thieves who went into my studio, touched my things (EWW!),
and then took my stereo!

Michael Jackson Bird

But I knew I had to calm down. So I took a moment to pause and collect myself. And I needed to figure out what to do to replace my stereo, which was almost brand new.

Michael Jackson Scream Contemplate

Then it kind of hit me. I knew what to do. I bit my lip, I was so excited.

Michael Jackson Scream Lip

I am sick of CD's, AND my cell phone is eligible for upgrade in just a few weeks.  So the solution is really quite simple: mp3 player + phone = iPhone! Yay!

Michael Jackson Scream Smile

So the Hubs is gonna get me an iPhone.
This calls for a Happy Dance, don't you think?

Michael Jackson Janet Scream Dance

And now all is well in the land of Tinalicious once again.
And the moral of the story, boys and girls?
Thieves are pathetic losers and they may make you SCREAM.
But sometimes you may end up with a new iPhone.
And maybe even a lollipop.

Michael Jackson Scream Lollipop

(All photos are from the Michael Jackson short film, Scream. )