My Friday Confessions April 1st

I confess...I know the words to a lot a few songs by the Carpenters.  You know: Close to You, For All We Know, Rainy Days & Mondays, We've Only Just Begun [she says, pretending like she had to look up song titles on Google rather than pulling them right out of her 44-year-old brain!]. Act shocked and appalled if you wish, but I'm willing to bet there's more than just a few of you over-thirty-peeps like myself who know the words too!

The Carpenters Album Cover

I confess...I've started watching the Jersey Shore. And what's more, I kinda, sorta, almost, really like it. Alright. Dammit. I LOVE IT! How can you not love some Snooki and Pauly D and JWoww and Ronnie and Sammi and Vinny, and The Situation?! I haven't even seen more than 7 episodes total, and I'm totally into it. I seriously need to either NetFlix the earlier seasons or buy the DVD's. Can't decide which. And then perhaps a little therapy might be in order.

Jersey Shore Cast

I confess...sometimes, when I sneeze, I fart at the same time. And I'm not ashamed.

Must Not Sneeze Meme

I confess...I am frequently more entertained by insurance commercials than I am by most network television shows on the air right now.  The Geico gecko, anyone? He's cute, and he has an accent. What's not to like?

The Geico Gecko

And truth be told, even Flo the Progressive Insurance gal holds more interest to me than a lot of TV shows.  Am I weird? Does this only happen to me?

Progressive Flo