Retail Reality Check

Please follow along with me to the land of Tinalicious on this WTF Wednesday, won't you, boys and girls?

Scene: An imaginary retail customer is purchasing a TV they feel is overpriced. And he is bitching about it. Loudly. Another imaginary retail customer is amused.

Imaginary Retail Customer #1 (to anyone standing near him): WTF is this? $1500 for a television? This is robbery.  It's outrageous. It's scandalous. It's just plain wrong.

Imaginary Retail Customer #2: What do you mean, "it's wrong?" How do you figure? Let me explain something to you. People make stuff.  Then said people put that stuff up for sale. And then other people buy their said stuff, and the people that make stuff also make money. That's how it works. It's called Capitalism."

Imaginary Retail Customer #1: Yeah, well, Capitalism sucks!

Imaginary Retail Customer #2: Yeah, well, move to China.

Capitalism Sucks Meme