6 Random Things

Not that I sit around pondering these kinds of things very often, nor do I have a true need for any sort of explanation, but I thought I'd just share a random list today of Things I Don't Understand.

1. Music on Websites and Blogs. This really confuses me, and it's freaking annoying to boot. The other day I was blog hopping, since I had work I didn't want to do nothing better to do, and I had about 15 different tabs open in my browser. And then all of a sudden music started playing. FROM 2 OF THEM! So there I was clicking on tab after tab after tab, trying to find the source of my irritation, so I could close the offending tabs.

I just don't understand people's desire to play music on their site. Do they think that we don't have our own music? Do they think we need to listen to their music in order to get something out of their website or blog? Or do they just enjoy irritating the crap out of surfing strangers and sending them on their merry way?

Newsflash to the music players of the world: if we want to listen to music, we will listen to our own! And um, if your goal is to drive people away from your website or blog the moment we arrive at it, well then, great job, and carry on.

2. The Hubs' Movie-Viewing Habits. I love my man to death, but seriously, he makes no sense sometimes. I will come into the living room and see him watching a movie on TV that we own on DVD. Now had I asked him to watch that on DVD, he would have sighed or let out an disapproving grunt. And yet he will watch it on TV. With commercials.  I truly don't understand that.

And on a side note, if he's channel surfing and comes across the Transformers movie, he will stop and watch it. Every. Single. Time. Even if it's half over.  Even if he just watched all or part of it three days prior. And um, hello? We own that DVD too. SMH

3. Parallel Parking. I mean, for real. Do I need to elaborate? But I will just say that I think parallel parking was invented by men. To torture women. And old people.

4. Why Women Squat in Public Bathrooms. The Squat. This vexes me. In theory, women squat to avoid sitting on someone else's urine on public toilets. But am I the only woman on the planet that realizes that the only reason urine gets on the toilet is BECAUSE YOU SQUAT?! Yes, girls, I believe that's what we call irony.

5. Why Bags of Chips are Only Half Full. Why can't they just make the bags smaller? Or here's an idea: put more chips in them! It's not rocket science, people.

6. Why People Ask, "How Are You?" Just think about it for a minute: when you ask someone that question, do you really, really want to know the answer? I mean, let's say someone is getting over the stomach flu and their dog ran away and their grandmother died and they're about to go into bankruptcy, do you really want to know that? No, of course you don't. You just want them to say, "I'm fine," and then go along about your day, completely oblivious to the inner turmoil they might be suffering at any given moment.

Which, if you think about it, is why Facebook is so successful. Someone can pour their heart out in their status, and you don't even have to reply. You can just "Like" their status. So, maybe instead of asking "how are you?" we should just Facebook each other face-to-face. One person can say, "Hello" and the other can just say, "Like" and thus bypass all the verbal feigned interest in one's personal well-being.

Facebook Like LOL

But Heaven forbid we let Facebook de-personalize the art of  one-on-one conversation, no?

Have a super Saturday, gang.