Snickers and Smiles

I'm adding a new semi-regular feature to the blog this week, and I'm calling it Snickers and Smiles. This is where I'll add images, snippets, stories and other tidbits that I've  encountered during the week that made me either snicker or smile. You know, just something quick simple that doesn't involve too much thought or work may or may not bring a happy little warm (or sarcastic) fuzzy to your Saturday.

This first one was a no-brainer. I didn't watch the Royal Wedding. And while I do remember all too well being in high school and playing hooky so I could watch the wedding of Diana and Charles (um, who didn't?), I wasn't quite as into this wedding. All I managed to watch was the appearance of the newly married couple on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, and their not one but TWO royally married first kisses. I must admit, it was sugary sweet and it did make me smile.  But this animated gif I found online made me smile even more, so had to share it.

Wills and Harry Reaction Gif

Whether Harry actually said that to William or not (I don't know), I think Diana would have gotten a giggle out of that gif too. :)

And if it didn't make you smile, well dammit, get the ice out of your veins already! How could that NOT make you smile? Ahem.

Have a good Saturday!