Random MJ Memes Monday

I made some random Michael Jackson memes for today. Sometimes it's difficult to find a good theme for them. So today's theme is hopefully  just about being funny. Or at least worth a small giggle.

This first one is funnier if you know some back story. There's some old home movie footage of MJ and his brothers when they were young--I think it was in the 70's. They're visiting family and such in Indiana, I believe. And there's one shot of MJ talking about how he likes to shop at Goodwill...because they have really good stuff there. Something tells me he didn't shop at Goodwill much longer after he made that statement.

MJ Elton John Meme

This next one is from when Michael was the half time show at the 1993 Super Bowl. And just as a bit of trivia, you may not know that Michael's performance that year marked the first time ever that the Super Bowl got increased viewers during the half time show. And yeah, MJ was known to enjoy him some KFC.

MJ Super Bowl Meme

Michael loved animals, so it's likely the spider on his face belonged to him. But even if it didn't, I'm sure it didn't bother him at all to have it there.

MJ Something on Face Meme

Have a great Monday!