Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

Sunday, August 29 marks what would have been the 52nd birthday of Michael Jackson. So this post is in the honor of the King of Pop. I'm posting it a bit early, to spread some MJ love around in advance. Please watch the video, and really  listen to Akon's lyrics. They are truly a fitting tribute to Michael and his memory. I made the video, inspired by those lyrics.

Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute

He wasn't a freak.

He wasn't wacko.

He wasn't a monster.

He was music. And magic. And he was a man filled with love and compassion for a world that was only too eager to vilify him...a legacy that his children are now forced to bear. My gift to Michael is to try to right that wrong at every opportunity. And so I challenge you to do what's right, especially on this day, Michael Jackson's birthday:

Seek the Truth.

Reject the Lies.

And donate to the charity of your choice in Michael's name.