Wordless Wednesday Which is Worse

Pink's Ass

OK, which is worse?

  1. The fact that I've posted a photo of a semi-naked woman's ass
    on my blog for Semi-Wordless Wednesday?

  2. Or, the fact that I knew who's ass that was before I even
    read the caption when I came across this photo?
(It's Pink, by the way...you know, the singer!)

I'm going with number 2, because it really kind of scares me that I knew that was Pink. Not that I've ever seen her ass before, because I haven't. So really, how the heck would I know that was her? Especially since it's kind of hard to tell that's even a woman from the back. And what exactly does that say about me?

Oy. I am really beginning to think I need therapy. But hey, don't let my mental dilemma throw you...enjoy your Wednesday!