MJ Monday and Sizzling Memes

Monday is really beginning to be my favorite day of the week. OK, yeah, I'm lying. But I do love that Mondays mean it's Michael Jackson time! Seriously, admit it. You enjoy the meme posts too, don'tcha?! ;)

Today's memes are sizzling...in that one of them literally uses the word sizzling, and the others have a bit of a sizzling undertone. Just as an MJ FYI, "sizzling" is a word MJ used in the movie, This is It. He was taking a pause on stage, kind of  feeling the moment, which he called "sizzling." I loved that part in the film. Anyhoots, here is your Monday dose of the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson Sizzling Meme

Michael Jackson Not weird Meme

Michael Jackson Crotch Grab Meme

Now I'm gonna give you a little MJ Monday challenge.  Go forth in the world on this not so glorious Monday and use the word sizzling at least once today! Twitter it. Make it your Facebook status. Post it on your blog. Come on, I double dog dare you.

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